GDPR Impact

Impact of GDPR on Events and Exhibitions

General Data Protection Regulation which is abbreviated as GDPR is a regulation in European Union (EU) mainly on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the EU and European Economic Area (EEA). Data protection in EU means any information related to an individual related to his or her private, professional or public life. It can be anything including name, home address, photos, email address or social networking sites, bank details, medical information and IP address. The regulation became enforced on 25 May 2018.

Impact of GDPR

Why the regulation came into force?

This EU regulation pertains to all online marketers or entrepreneurs who not only do business in the EU but also generate business leads from people within EU. These online entrepreneurs need to get consent for processing any kind of data under EU’s GDPR regulation. This regulation applies to the following persons-

Data controller or the organization or cloud service providers that collects data from EU residents.
The processor or the organization that processes data on the behalf of a data controller.
The person residing in the EU.

Challenges of GDPR

Challenges GDPR are as follows-
Loss of market share
Loss of brand reputation and leading to risk in market status
Exposure to lawful proceedings
Any kind of breach will lead to fines and penalty

How to get consent from the existing clientele

The consent for the new leads will not be applied under GDPR after 25 May 2018. It only applies, if you have only an existing list of clients and leads. If your leads follow GDPR and you cannot show the right consent for those lists of people, then you can email them any longer from 25 May 2018. The ways to obtain GDPR friendly consent is just to add a checkbox or turn on the confirmed opt-in option.

Approach potential clients with their consent

• Catering quality Content marketing- Quality content plays a crucial role in attracting more traffic towards your website and it is one of the significant parts of digital marketing campaigns. A good content helps in improving the brand reputation and draws the attention of the client.

• Referrals- Referrals are an integral part of your sales and marketing and are most cost-effective way to market your brand. The word of mouth of any product and services can lure different customers towards any brand. The best referral program starts with the potential customers of any company. In the digitalized world, social media referral and it is a great way to spread information or services an organization provides.

• Meet n’ Greet- Even the world has reached its pinnacle due to its digital effect, but if you meet your customers and clients physically at any events, trade shows, meeting etc. it will create more weightage to your business and the product and services you offer.

Impact of GDPR on meetings and events
GDPR is a new data protection regulation which is all set to change the events scenario of the people of European Union. Following are the impact of GDPR on events-

Any hosting organization in the EU regardless of the conducting place, or any other organization collecting data on EU citizens falls under the impact of GDPR.
It is obligatory for the events planner about the do’s and don’ts of GDPR to make it successful.
The event planners play a big role in securing the event data of GDPR and not doing so can result in penalty and business losses.

Data Protection legislation is viewed as a path for governments to reclaim control over information security which has endured basic hits in the recent years with major obstacles standing out as truly newsworthy on a weekly basis. Regulations are a natural response to these real-world threats that organizations appear to be frail to stop. So, keeping in view GDPR has been regulated by the EU to be more focused on the data strengthening privacy.

Hence the new regulation is set to change the decisions and requirements of their events such as the attendee’s registration forms and apps and the way the data will be beneficial for marketing and personalization.

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