6 Reasons Why You Need PopSocket?

Smartphones and tablets have become the basic necessities of human life to carry out various activities such as calling, texting, net surfing, gaming, etc. So, it is very necessary to get a strong grip on the mobile phone, keeping this is view PopSockets are used. This is a small gadget which is affixed in the back of the mobile with an adhesive and circular base which easily pops in and out as per the use. This is a very hot and trending product that is used by the marketers to reinforce their brand name among their target audience. This is a very useful product which can be used in multiple ways. Some of its main uses are as follows-

Photo Grip:

The popsocket is stick to the back side of the mobile so that the user can fix it within their fingers to grip it tightly and take best photos or selfies without any shaking of the phone or accidental slip.

PopSocket photo grip

Video Chat:

This small device can be used as a stand to keep the mobile over any surface and let the user to carry out a video chat with their family or friends for longer duration and keeping the hands free for any other activities.

 PopSocket Video Chat

Tablet Grip:

The Popsocket holder is not only affixed in the smartphones, but it is also attached other electronic device such as in the tablet. It allows the users to relax their hand while securely holding their tablet and never drop it accidentally.

PopSocket Tablet Grip

Media Stand:

The popsocket attached in the smart phone can be used as the perfect stand when the user uses their phone to watch videos, movies, and keep their hands free to carry out other works. This can also be used while keeping the mobile in stand by mode while charging.

PopSocket Media Stand

Texting Grip:

Popsockets allows the user to hold the phone tightly and text conveniently without the fear of dropping the cell phone. This is very fruitful to use within the crowds, or while walking.

PopSocket Texting Grip

Cord Wrap:

The popsocket attached to the mobile or tablet can be used to wrap the earphone around it to get tangle-free earbuds while listening to songs or watching videos. The lifespan of the ear buds also increases when it remains tangle free.

PopSocket Cord Wrap
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