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Top 10 Ways of Growing Your Business

Growing your business is a part of surviving in business, it’s not mere goal but necessity. Growing can be by gaining extra revenue (profit) or expansion (serving location). Either ways you need a strategy to follow. Without right strategy you can’t hit the bull’s eye.

What’s the strategy? Strategies differ from business to business and from location to location. Keeping this in brain I’ve decided to share top ways which successful entrepreneurs followed.

Top 10 ways to growing your business vertically and horizontally

10 ways grow business#1 Take care of your existing customers, if needed pamper them.

When ever you read or hear about business expansion in terms of profits you think about gaining new customers. But, instead if you concentrate more on existing customers by selling them relevant product base of their initial purchase it can easily increase your sales which in turn increases profits.

Tip: Best way to do this is, reach your existing customers with new offers and discounts especially for them.

#2 Ask for referrals, once sale is done ask your customers to refer his/her friend.

There is no reason to feel shy to ask for a referral. If you really satisfied your customer then definitely he/she will refer more customers to your business.

Tip: What if your customers run away after a sale? Businesses those have no time to ask referral can print a message on the pack/product with a special coupon (hope you got what I mean).

#3 Add innovative features/services to your product.

World is changing and it’s heading towards innovative things. Don’t wait for your competitor to try new things, head over and try it yourself. Like Amazon did with Prime Air.

#4 Extend your service location to larger audience.

Easiest way is to setup an office in new a location. Or start serving new set of customers. Another easiest way is to start your business online and increase online exposure.

#5 Participate in trade shows of your related market.

On a trade shows more people gather and they come to learn or to share their views about particular business. This is why it’s easy to get more exposure and branding from trade shows, but only when you select the right trade show which is related to your business.

Tip: To give your competitors a blow with trade shows you must try something new or add something more to your advertising campaign. Promotional or personalized items can be a good idea, as these products increase your exposure even after the end of trade show.

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#6 Conquer a niche market, it’s easy for you to capture a small area in your business market.

Think of those small set of customers whose need are not being fulfilled by any other business. It’s easy to get them when you provide the right product/service for which they’re waiting for.

Tip: But here make sure the service which you’re going to provide is somewhere related to your business. Else this can’t benefit your mean business.

#7 Offer your business as a franchise.

There are millions who want to start a business online or offline. But they’re too lazy to start from scratch. To help them and to increase your business offer them a franchise of your business. This way both of you will get benefited.

#8 Partner with your competitor.

No where in business you’re advised to hate your competitors. More branding and sales can drawn two businesses of same niche partner.

You can also partner with companies which provide something related to your service.

#9 Acquire small businesses.

Not all reading this post can do this. But if you can go ahead. Best example for this is Google, they acquired YouTube and now it’s world’s 2nd search engine.

#10 Extend your business to online users.

Can you show me any business which is not online today? No, almost all businesses have started online site to attract more customers.

Tip: Start a site or blog to attract new customers.

Extend your business coverage and increase your business branding distributing customized promotional gifts, contact us and we will help you to understand it for free!

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How Eco Friendly Promotional Products Can Increase Your Productivity

Eco friendly products are great effective marketing tools of a promotional business, which is having a great unique identity in the market. Eco friendly products are the recycled products, people can use this items with a long-lasting usability.

These eco friendly products are very durability and very user-friendly to the people, companies serving their products with genuine and imperative material. Now most of us people are promoting their business with these eco items, which are elegant and lovely to attract the more audience of your business.

Why Use Eco Friendly Promotional Products

This is one smart marketing tool; customers these days prefer doing their business with these eco friendly items. These are inexpensive and available at affordable price ranges, so this is one good opportunity to the business person as well as the customer to buy these useful products without any other thought. This eco friendly item gives a direct statement of your business to the environment, because now the world is more conscious about the environment.

There are many wide ranges of eco friendly promotional items available in the market with stylish and beautiful thing such as eco-friendly usb, pens, pencils, bamboo tea box, coasters etc.

Here the below listed eco friendly items should gives a clear way to increase your business productivity:

Eco Friendly Key Chains – This is one of the best eco friendly user item, people can use this item more per a day because vehicles are very essential to the humans, so they must want to use the key chains to safe their keys. Now most of us people are using the vehicles at least a bicycle then these key chains are very useful and helpful to them. Here the eco friendly key chains looks good and handle smooth, so people are impressed by looking at this eco friendly items.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

7 Inch Bamboo Digital Photo FrameBiodegradable Click Action BallpoinCustom Vehicles Car Air FreshenerRecycled Drawstring Knapsack

Eco Friendly Pens & Pencils – Pens & Pencils are the mandatory friendly items at every home, these are worthy and effective and helps a lot. People can use this eco pens & pencils to write something into their notebooks or note some valuable points into their personal diaries.  This is one favorite item of kids who can use this item at their schooling age more. These eco friendly pens & pencils gives very smooth feeling and speed well write.

Eco Friendly Picture Frames – Basically picture frames are one of the best interior designer of a home, it looks very colorful and beautiful. Pictures are one of the best people’s remembered friend, because they can bring their past feelings again and again and it maintains a good relationship between them. So for this people can save this kind of emotional feeling thing into their homes safely, but they want to place this at one good place without any damage, here the best picture saver and long-lasting feel only is possible by the eco friendly picture frames. Yes, this is best one to show your pictures very nice and pleasant.

Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts – Corporate gifts are the top most promotional gift items across the global, gifts are usually gives for different occasions. These gift item can motivate their employees as well as their loyal customers, here how it will be happen is. Most of us companies should conduct some ‘happy customer’ programs, where they select one customer and offer to his/her with Eco friendly gift items. The customer is happier and there is a chance to again and again do their market with your business, and coming to employees they were happy more by receiving the Eco friendly corporate gift as an appraisal, so this leads to encourage and motivate them more.