• For How Many Days People Keep Promotional Products

    Promotional products work for all businesses but you must follow few crucial things and plan accordingly. Failing this will fail your campaign. While selecting a promotional item number of days this particular product runs is also very important. Like say you planned promotional umbrellas you must know that your potential customers throw your custom umbrellas after raining season. So accordingly you have to plan. Calenders and outwears are going to be used for long time than other items. According to Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Global Ad Impression Study 2013. Calendars – 9 months Outerwear – 7.3 months Drinkware – 7.1 months USB drives – 6.9 months Bags – 6.8 months…

  • Cool Promotional Items

    Here goes a list of cool promotional items for your business branding. More cool promotional on the way. Stay tuned 🙂

  • Custom Paper Cups are Best Drinkware Items

    Paper cups are one of the daily usage items in human’s life. Like we can see at many hotels, bakery items those are use this item to soft drinks or either hot drinks. The custom paper cups are cups manufacture from paper pulp. The pulp comes with mixing of paper and water. These cups are usually lined with wax or plastic. This wax is useful to prevent the liquid inside the cups from leaking out of the drink. The bottom of the cup is finished with a round disc. Many corporate business people using this paper cup items. For their officially use this item to look & feel to drink.…

  • Get Personalized Toiletry Bags for Your Next Advertising Campaign

    We`re not in the same old days, when only women has more need of a toiletry bag than men. Over the years the thought of using creams, moisturisers, lotions are merely for female but things have changed, even middle age men now need a toiletry bag. Now need for a toiletry bag increase more than before. And we`re out in a new place or while traveling along distance we very much can`t think without this bag. What is in it for business owners? While traveling toiletry bag has more priority then other items or atleast equal importance. Taking this as advantage promote your business brand by imprinted business logo on…

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