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5 Breast Cancer Awareness Products That’ll Increase Your Productivity

Promotional products plays vital role in spreading awareness. You can’t expect a successful awareness program until you distribute a custom promotional product with a message on it.

In case if you’re planning Breast Cancer Awareness program then you must check our these 5 breast cancer awareness products.

#1 Tote Bags

promotional Tote Bags

Rather than giving a single small promotional product you can plan for a few custom made products and a bag to keep all of them. As at awareness programs lots of gather to attract more eye balls you need to concentrate on big promotional items.

A Tote bag with big business logo will easily attract customers.

#2 Personalized Umbrella

promotional umbrellas

It’s Summer and there is a need for an umbrella. Like Promotional Tote Bags Personalized Umbrellas attract more customers because of it big size.

On Breast Cancer Awareness program you can plan for pink umbrella with a message and your business logo below it.

 #3 Promotional Digital Clock with Pen Holder

Digital Clock with Pen Holder

Unlike above two products Digital clocks are small in size and can’t attract customers in large gathering.

So why am I including this here?

As clocks are placed on business or home tables which will slowly get good amount of attraction. Impact of this product is slow but effective.

#4 Aluminum Perpetual Calendar

Same goes with this promotional calendar. It slowly gets good amount of attraction from visitors.

But you must be clear with the design, which should be attractive and clearly highlights message and your business logo.

#5 Personalized Ribbons

breast cancer awareness products

Ribbons are internationally used items for a message. This promotional item has fast impact on your business as the pink color easily attracts customers.

When you’re planning for a short term campaign then personalized ribbons must be one among them.



Promo Tip

While planning promotional products for an awareness campaign concentrate to highlight the awareness message on the product then your business logo.

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Why My Promotional Product Campaign Failed?

failure is a stepping stone to success

I didn’t find any other best sentence to start this post. Most of you who’re reading this post actually failed in their promotional product marketing or seeing no results from it.

Either ways you’re not seeing any leads generated.

promotional product campaign fail

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Ask few questions yourself.

  1. Are you the first person who failed in World? (Here are lots of people who failed)
  2. Do you think that who are successful never been to this stage?
  3. Can you assure that businesses who’re successful today will be successful tomorrow?

No is the answer for all above three questions.

Actually here ends the post. When you’re not only one to fail and who knew that every successful business was successful after lots of failures then whats keeping you behind form trying once again?

Anyway before re-starting your promotional product campaign you must change the approach or tactic.

Lack of plan

Every marketing campaign  online or offline needs a plan before starting.

So do your home work before starting campaign. Note it down on a paper or on your machine, you must have a copy where you can go through when needed.

Don’t think that your promotional product campaign is small so you no need to make a plan. Yes, your business may be small but these copies will help you in future to track your tactics.

If you’re in need of help, our executives will help you to decided exact strategy, fill form and you will be contacted

Lack of resources

The biggest barrier to successful promotional product/item campaign is lack of resources. Without which you can’t reach maximum customers.

Resources can be funds, men or time.

Anyways if it’s matter of budget campaign you can try different promotional products which are cheap and cool.

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Targeting  wrong customers

Even with plan & resource you may fail if you selected wrong customers.

For instance if you’re selling tech products and you’re targeting age group of 35-50 then without any doubt who will not have a successful campaign.

Select the right customer group. Analyses your customers, write down whom your products are helpful then what are there age group then which promotional product will they be interested in.

Selecting wrong promotional product

You may not agree but even the promotional product or gift which you’re giving away influence your campaign.

Lets think you got a irrelevant product (to your business) and you gave it for free or as a compliment to your customers. Then how you can assure that your customers will remember you? Am not saying 100% will not remember. Lets say if 30% remember you but how many of them will actually turn to potential customer?

If you giveaway promotional product which is relevant to your business then chances of getting leads from these campaigns are more. Because you’re serving same thing which they’ve been using as a product (promotional item which you gifted them).

Wrong location & occasion

How it sound if I give you an promotional umbrella in winter season? Awful!

Even same goes with location, targeting places where you don’t serve is actually wasting your money.

So location and occasion both are important in your promotional item campaign.

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