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    To expand our interaction with our customers we joined tumblr. Join us here, http://papachina.tumblr.com/

  • Review from a Papachina Happy Customer!

    We’re happy to see our customers are happy with our service! Sometimes it’s all about business but the attachment that we’ve with our customers make us feel proud. See what our customer says! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xv7vJyba7w

  • 5 Breast Cancer Awareness Products That’ll Increase Your Productivity

    Promotional products plays vital role in spreading awareness. You can’t expect a successful awareness program until you distribute a custom promotional product with a message on it. In case if you’re planning Breast Cancer Awareness program then you must check our these 5 breast cancer awareness products. #1 Tote Bags Rather than giving a single small promotional product you can plan for a few custom made products and a bag to keep all of them. As at awareness programs lots of gather to attract more eye balls you need to concentrate on big promotional items. A Tote bag with big business logo will easily attract customers. #2 Personalized Umbrella It’s Summer…

  • Why My Promotional Product Campaign Failed?

    failure is a stepping stone to success I didn’t find any other best sentence to start this post. Most of you who’re reading this post actually failed in their promotional product marketing or seeing no results from it. Either ways you’re not seeing any leads generated. Read it later – Why Promotional Items Are Important for Your Business? Ask few questions yourself. Are you the first person who failed in World? (Here are lots of people who failed) Do you think that who are successful never been to this stage? Can you assure that businesses who’re successful today will be successful tomorrow? No is the answer for all above three questions.…

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