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Wholesale Ponchos Make a Useful Business Gift

For those who are unaware of what Ponchos is, here is the definition from Wikipedia.

A poncho is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm or, if made from a watertight material, to keep dry during rain.

Wonder how it can become a business gift?

wholesale ponchos

Before that lets ask, do you anyone like Ponchos?

Though you many sites claim that the trend for wearing Ponchos is slowly going extinct, there are still many places in the world where people prefer to wear it. Now it has been included as a traditional costume, including Americans. Anyway names are different people call it in different names.

That`s it? No.

Even military of many countries use of Poncho liners/Woobies.

So what`s next?

Hope few of you know why, but for those who are not aware read remaining post.

How you can take an advantage of this to promote your business brand? And why I called it a useful business gift.

You can gift and use it has a promotional gift to increase your business sales and interaction with the customers. When you gift something useful, something which they love and think as a traditional. It goes straight into their heart. Yes! It`s true. Don`t believe?

Let`s take an example, we all knew the search giant, Google! The reason why many of them use and love to recommend it`s apps is you use Google everyday, you see it everyday and unknowingly you built a trust on it. So this makes you to use and recommend it`s products.

Same way when anyone sees your business logo it gets slowly gets deeper into his/her mind and it helps your business.

Now I hope you got the point!

So, how do use Promotional Ponchos to market your business?

Let me write in points, so that you can quickly know those awesome things.

  1. Distribute the Ponchos to your employees, clients.
  2. Gift your customers for being with you since long time.
  3. Giveaway in an event for free.
  4. Gift your customers when they get any product or service from your company.
  5. Start a contest and giveaway custom ponchos to the participants.

Papachina is a promotional manufacturing company which have been helping many companies to brand with there promotional items and custom made gifts. If you too want to join those companies, contact from here.



Custom Fountain Pens – For Royalty along with the Loyalty

custom fountain pensThe pen is a writing instrument that deserves with their dignity and royalty. As we all know that in the olden days people used these feather sticks or quills as a marker or script to write. It is the word which derived from that Latin word called “Penna” which means a feather of a bird.

After so many decades these Promotional fountain pens were personalized and named as felt pens, cross-pens, ballpoints, quill pens, reed pens, fountain pens etc. As compared to the olden days the writers and philosophers used to dip a quill in the ink of reservoir many times for writing. This made person so embarrassing for their slow way of writing.

Nowadays collecting a new stylish pen is easier than anything. But try to search the old and gold vintage pen are little bit hunting in market. And collecting a antique fountain pen is very difficult and unique. Coming to the history of these Fountain pens were invented in the year 1929.

This comes with the extraordinary functionality by refilling these Custom Fountain Pens by ink. This process is known as differential plunger. As we don’t know that Fountain Pens were really inconvenient to refill the ink again and again. So this is a new system maintained for especially for filling ink. The most of the corporate offices prefer with the cartridges, but the writers prefer piston fillers and also the old storage pouches.

The Fountain Pen sets had became a perfect and excellent gift items to anyone who stands with confidence. Reflect to the price the quality of these Pens changes its functionality. As these Fountain Pens are not even very expensive, it greatly depends on the quality of the nib which you choose.

The entire functionality and the design come under with three parts mainly.
The very important is the Nib.
Feed which controls the flow of ink.

The round barrel which use to hold the nib and feed together.

The Nib of each fountain pen is shaped and polished for flow of ink. The other main important feature is the quality of a fountain pen by its size and ink capacity.

The main features of these Custom Fountain Pens are smooth, elegant and timeless. Yes these features you won’t observe in any kind of pen such that any think will miss. People prefer this pen for the smooth flow of writing with no pressure. As compared to the regular pens like the Ball pens and Roller ball Pens these Fountain pens require a little more care and maintenance. These pens are created for their virtual works of art.
Remember that Fountain pens are manufactured for their royalty and it is not possible to use regularly in our daily life.